our tribe: Giving Grants to Pay for childcare

Childcare is expensive. When someone gets sick it can feel extra stressful ensuring you keep the kids feeling safe and secure while things can feel pretty scary at home. Our Tribe is here to offset the costs of childcare and be the extra hands you need.

As part of the process to approve your request, please fill out the following information and answer all questions fully and specifically. Many hands make for a light load, Our Tribe is here for you!

*All applications are reviewed by the board before funds are distributed. You will be contacted by a member of our team upon review of this form. Email Kristina@cocktailsandcaregivers.org with questions.

*We may need a few receipts to show how you’ll pay your childcare provider, don’t worry- we’ll make it easy!

If you’re a family with children looking for a little financial support, this page is for you.

If you have any questions about this form or childcare grants, please reach out to Kristina at kristina@cocktailsandcaregivers.org

By applying for this program, I understand:

1) Currently, this program is available for United States citizens residing in the continental United States.

2) Our Tribe is a core mission of the Cocktails & Caregivers Foundation. Applying gives Cocktails & Caregivers authorization to utilize quotes, stories, and images supplied as part of an application process to help further our goal of reaching more caregivers across the country. This information may appear in various mediums and applications but is not limited to the foundation website, social media pages, print or digitally at events or during presentations, and in marketing materials made available to the public.

We will never share personal contact information publicly.

3) To reach as many people as possible and to spread our giving, at this time, the Our Tribe program is only available as a one-time grant regardless of changes in diagnosis or extenuating circumstances.

If you have already received an OurTribe grant, please email ashley@cocktailsandcaregivers.org as we may be able to provide additional resources for you and your family during this time.

4) Grant awards are payable by check or direct deposit to the awardee. They are taxable to the full extent by the United States Federal Government and your state and local tax statutes.

5) Submission of this application permits the Cocktails & Caregivers team to review my application and provide applicable social media. It may also include reviewing public documents as they work diligently to determine the need and award a limited number of grants to many applicants. At no time will your personal information be submitted for a formal background check or submitted to any third-party review organization.

Program Requirements & Guidelines

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