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New Program Provides Crucial Financial Support to Caregivers Traveling with Loved Ones

Financial Assistance for Caregivers’ Travel Expenses

Indianapolis, February 2024 — Cocktails & Caregivers, recipient of a $160,000 Mega Grant from Round Room Gives in 2023, is excited to announce the launch of the “Keeping Caregivers Close” grant program. This initiative, born out of a heartfelt commitment, aims to provide crucial financial support to caregivers accompanying their loved ones on essential medical journeys.

Navigating the complexities of medical treatments often involves multiple trips, substantial expenses, and emotional strain for patients and caregivers. The “Keeping Caregivers Close” grant program seeks to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with these medical journeys, covering expenses such as hotel stays, rental cars, flights, meals, and incidentals incurred during travel for medical needs.

According to estimates, the average cost of a medical trip can reach approximately $7,000, leading to multiple trips each year for families battling illnesses or seeking life-saving treatments.

Amanda Clark-Wahl, Founder of Cocktails & Caregivers, expressed her dedication to the program, “Having lost my husband, Joe,  to cancer in 2014, I intimately understand the sacrifices caregivers make. With ‘Keeping Caregivers Close,’ we honor their dedication, providing the support I yearned for during my journey. In partnership with Round Room Gives, we’re committed to ensuring caregivers can be where they belong – by their loved ones’ sides, offering comfort and care.”

Applications for the “Keeping Caregivers Close” grant program are open.

About Cocktails & Caregivers: Cocktails & Caregivers is a non-profit dedicated to providing essential support and resources to caregivers. Their mission is to recognize and honor the invaluable contributions of caregivers by offering practical assistance and fostering a compassionate community.

About Round Room Gives: Round Room Gives is the philanthropic arm of Round Room LLC, committed to positively impacting communities nationwide. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, Round Room Gives seeks to create meaningful change and uplift individuals and families facing challenges.

Keeping Caregivers Close

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