Poor People Die of Cancer

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  1. Debbie Rosenberger Morgenb says:

    I am a Millikin alum and would love to help. I cannot make the fundraiser but would love to make a donation. Also have some Marriott points if u need for your trip/s to Houston. Delta Love! Debbie Rosenberger Morgen

  2. Andrea Hernandez says:

    Receiving is one of our greatest challenges (I know from personal experience) yet, I have no doubt that the two of you would jump right to the front of the “How can we Help” line if the tables were turned. There is no shame to be felt….NoThing greater than to receive with open hearts….you see….by doing so….you are giving the greatest gift…..you are allowing those who love you to help in the only way we can….with prayer, with love, with money, with kindness…..it is all the same when it comes from a place of love. The gift is allowing us to “HELP” when feeling “HELP”less

    Love from a family friend…Andrea Hernandez <3