If Love Alone Could Save Me

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  1. John McTigue says:

    God bless you, Joe!!!!! (and maybe love can….stranger things have happened)

  2. Joe, I am Amanda’s cousin! She knows me. I pray for all 3 of you every day that God will send a cure for you!! Love to all of you!

  3. Marianne Dickey says:

    Oh Joe…..I hope my words come out right. You dont know me. But I know Erin Madden and my daughter went to Roncalli with Amanda and Erin. That is unimportant now. Maybe all those wonderful people and gestures cant stop this awful cancer from happening to you. But just maybe all that wonderfulness is God, I’m sure it is him working through them for you.!!!! I’m not very good at quoting scripture but in the book of Matthew he writes “where two or more are gathered in my name there I am in their midst”. You have so many people gathered in HIS name for you. I believe that HE works miracles and that all these gathered in his name praying for a miracle for you will never stop! Please use your bravery in all this to really believe in that miracle and know we will all never stop praying for al loving you through this! Lent is the season building up to the resurection and that is what I am praying for for you. You and your wife are amazing and stronger than I could ever imagine being. Be Brave , #joestring, FIGHT ON!!!!!

  4. Amber says:

    Joe… I’ve been reading…keeping up with your story. I went to GBN, which is how I learned of what’s happening in your life… You have so many supporter. Im truly a better person after reading every word here…every word on every page. I’m reminded that no day is promised and that we need to make the most of every moment. You and your wife are a huge inspiration! I pray daily that God will lay his healing touch on you and give your family peace.

  5. Paula Diorio says:

    Joe, you are inspiration for so many of us. What little we could do for you this past weekend doesn’t begin to cover what you do for us every day. Never give up! Sending love your way!

  6. You guys don’t know me, yet I feel so connected not only because of your Chicago connection (where I grew up and currently live- GO HAWKS!), but because of our pure hate for colon cancer. Someone who reads my website told me about you guys because our stories have some similarities. This post is so very powerful and touching. You may not feel #joestrong today but I hope tomorrow some of that strength returns, and each day after gets better and better. You ARE strong. Miracles DO happen.

    “Never, ever give up hope” were the words of advice my husband’s surgeon gave us after abdominal pains and vomiting suddenly turned into emergency surgery to remove a massive tumor in my (29 year old) husband’s colon. It had perforated the colon wall, was causing blockage and spread to four lymph nodes. Next came the news that the CT scan showed two lesions on his liver and three on his lungs, just one week after learning we are expecting our first child. Somehow both biopsies from the lung and liver came back negative. We’re just getting started on our journey – chemo round #3 is supposed to be tomorrow, but I already understand what a roller coaster ride it is and our ride hasn’t been half as bumpy as yours.

    I feel for you guys. I think of you often, and I am so hopeful that you will get your miracle.

    Best wishes and take care,


  7. Anne downs forsythe says:

    Joe, you and Amanda are amazing, that Mira is one lucky little girl. I am so glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago. Now take all that love you felt and keep it in your heart, keep it with you through chemo, and when times get rough. Know that there are lots of people prAying for you, and yes if only love could cure you, you would be better now. But love, prayers, beliefs they all help. I have seen miracles happen and I truely pray daily that you receive one. Feel the hugs and love being sent to you, the good vibes, the good juju as aunt Barb would say. We love you and we will never give up our wish and prayers for the miracle you so deserve. I close this with hugs and kisses to you, Amanda and Mira. May tomorrow be a better day. Love anne

  8. Julie says:

    We might not be able to stop it, but we can all be there for you on your journey so that you know you aren’t facing this alone. Don’t be scared, we are all here with you.

  9. Joellyn Grandinetti says:

    All good things come to good people & although I don’t know you & Amanda personally, I know you are one of the best! I prayer for you and your beautiful family & I know that Miracles happen & who’s to say they won’t happen to you & your family! Keep your chin up & get mad at the terrible cancer. Fight back even when you think you have nothing left to fight with! I will keep fighting for you!
    All My Love & Prayers,
    JoEllyn Grandinetti

  10. Suzanne says:

    Joe, I believe in miracles!
    Praying for a miracle for you Buddy<3

  11. Judy Hubman says:

    Always stay positive. Hard to do as I have been in similar struggle. Your body must have the support of a strong positive mind. Thank you for including us in your struggle and I pray every day for you to have the cancer defeated.
    I’m grma of Rachel McGraw and Chelsea Dalton and haven’t seen you in yrs. I remember my Yorkie Chloe loved you so much that she would pee on you everyday when all you kids piled in the car after school for rides home!! Lol

  12. Laura Wuellner says:

    Thinking of you guys everyday.