The Launch

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  1. Sye says:

    That video brought tears to my eyes, people think I am crazy when they ask how are you today and I answer great, I don’t have cancer or some other major illness. I lived through cancer with my partner and my hero I am one of the lucky people that he is still here and 5 years clean. He has been through a lot with me the last 2.5 years personally and with two elderly sick parents, I would not have made it without him.

    I am so sorry that your soul mate and the love of your life and Mia father is not with you, but he is in your heart, mind and watching over you. Love what you are trying to do to help others during your difficult times. My prayers are with you.

  2. anne downs Forsythe says:

    Beautiful just like Joe and your love ❤ cried for al the smiles and for your loss xo

  3. Amanda you are one beautiful, strong woman!!!!!!