Amanda Clark video blog about asking for help

Video Blog: Asking for Help

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  1. Rosie says:

    Thought it was great, Amanda! Keep them coming.

  2. LuAnn says:

    I think your blog video is genius. So much technology since my first cancer and I know it would have been nice to have someone out there who understood. Asking for help was one of the hardest things my husband struggled with. My phylosophy was always, we all want to help others and serve but if everyone is doing that who is being served? WHEN YOU Ask FOR HELP you are in your own way serving others by letting them use their gifts and talents to bless you in your struggle. Also when you receive generously it blesses the one serving you.
    May God continue to gift you and bless this journey you are on.

  3. elle says:

    Excellent, Amanda. You’re warm and real and you’ve been there. Thanks for being willing to open up the wounds that are still healing. You will help more people than you’ll probably ever know.

  4. Connie says:

    Great video, Amanda. I miss you! You have such a gift for communication that I know this will be helpful to anyone going through what you and Joe have just experienced. Give Mira a big hug. Love you much!!!

  5. Amy Sandage says:

    LOVED IT!!! I’m usually just a lurker but I totally wanted to let you know that just seeing you and hearing your voice and seeing that you have come out the other side of caregiving has blessed me today. My hubby was diagnosed with inoperable, terminal Stage IV Pancreatic cancer just weeks before Joe passed. Some days are just sooooo overwhelming and exhausting but hubby is doing pretty good considering he is on some of the most aggressive chemo drugs available. Just hearing and seeing you today has given me hope that no matter what happens, our 12 year old daughter and myself will be ok. God Bless you and I hope that you continue the videos!!!!

  6. corrie laker says:

    That was amazing! Even though we haven’t experienced anything like cancer in or lives it’s an important message for everyone. We all need help sometimes. And like LuAnn said, helping others out in times of need as a privilege. It’s a blessing for both parties. Would love to see more video blogs (is this a vlog? I don’t know…).

  7. k says:

    I think you are wonderful and hope you continue. Peace be with you.