Video blog by Amanda Clark about this month’s goal: Be Still

Cocktails & Chemo Video Blog: Be Still

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  1. Still….Great advice. A friend’s father just was told he has one month left, he has a very agressive cancer and time is short. All the plans for what next…Today is what we need to focus on, quality now not quantity-that is gone. Thanks as always for this post Amanda XXX

  2. anne downs forsythe says:

    Wonderful advise we all need to be remind of thank you xo

  3. Cindy says:

    Amanda, I applaud you for your outreach to others now facing what you have been through. You are such a blessing for making others aware that their feelings are not right or wrong. To not feel guilty for what they have done or maybe what they haven’t done. Just to follow their hearts in a time of such confusion. You have come a long way in such a short time. God Bless you and yours.

  4. Sue says:

    Another amazing video with two simple words that are so hard to live by, even if you are not fighting cancer, be still, look at the sky, the grass the road around you. Take the time to live in the moment, those are moments you will never forget and will make you smile when you walk that road called life. What you are doing is amazing and I wish you many happy memories before you through your journey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.