Do You See Me?

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  1. swingsetstories says:

    From the line ‘Marriage is hard.’ Until the end resonates deeply with me as the story of older, enduring unions perhaps never struck by cancer, at least the disease we call cancer. ‘Do you see me? I see you.’ WOW
    My mother heart both weeps and leaps that you know such deep truth and are able to share it .Huffington post take notice. I think this piece is deep, timeless and courageous. Blessings. Michele

  2. Pattio says:

    Life… Is hard….Life, marriage and cancer??? I can’t even imagine what you and Joe went through, or how you and he found the strength to get through… May God continue to Bless you, and Mira, and these memories will be there, be they good or bad, they are there to remind you of the strength you both had, and that you STILL have. Hugs to you and Mira XXX <3

  3. What a fantastic eye opening post !!!!
    Thank you Amanda.
    We get so caught up in the little things, sometimes we forget to see the big picture.
    I’m so sorry Joe is gone, but sure thank you for this awesome post.

  4. kathy says:

    Thank you for this….

  5. Nancy P says:

    I was a widow also. Not from cancer, but a widow at the young age of 46. This post is something that I realized after the death of my husband. All the things that you think are soooo important really are things that aren’t even close to being important. Thing is, we tend to forget that as the years go on and the time since their death is further away. I will say though that I have remarried and I am such a different wife this time. I DO remember how we really shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. How much I missed someone snoring next to me, how much I wanted to come home to someone and tell them how good or bad my day was, that I don’t take those things for granted anymore. I will try to always remember. If we continue to remember, it makes us better people and we honor those that have gone before us. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. This s so powerful and so honest. I admire so much how you can put yourself out there so raw. You are a wonderful writer and so open. You make us see you. I hate that you have to go through this. Mira is so blessed to have such a strong, wonderful mother.