The Girl Who Waves to the Sky

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  1. Anna DePalma says:

    My heart hurts for you. When my daughter was born me and my husband had separated and I understand some of how you feel as far as other kids having both parents. My daughter was new born when we separated and we got back together when she was almost 6. It crushed me when she had a play at school and all the kids had both parents there and she turned around and asked me where her daddy was. I wanted to just break out in tears. I just told her he was taking care of his mother because she was sick just like I was taking care of my father because he was sick. She understood. I know you situation is so different but as far as being alone with the school stuff I can relate to that. I will keep you in prayers for strength and comfort. Your daughter is a beautiful little girl and she looks just like her daddy. Although he is not present its wonderful how your keeping his memory alive.

  2. Courtney says:

    Your story resonates with me as I lost my husband at the age of 30 while I was pregnant with our second and our oldest daughter was just shy of 3. I remember the embarrassment I felt as well attending things like school functions alone and wondering what people thought of me especially with my pregnant belly. I often found myself wondering if I should explain our situation but then that always proves to be awkward as people then felt pity or didn’t quite know how to respond. I think of you often, good luck tomorrow I know how hard it will be to tackle another “first” hugs to you!

  3. Nicole says:

    My heart is with you. My son is 19 months and tomorrow is his first day of daycare too. Your little one will make some wonderful new friends and I have a feeling you will too. I’m praying the teachers wrap their love around your little girl and also around you! It takes a village to raise a child – you are not alone!

  4. Sue McKay says:

    Mira will love school, as a Mom this note pulled on my heart, it is so difficult to know if you are doing the right thing and I understand the family picture senecio. I saw that at my granddaughters preschool when I was in CA. You and Mira can make a special date together to get a picture done, try and make it a big deal and she will remember that. You are a fantastic Mom and being a single parent can be difficult, walked in those shoes, but your strength and courage will get you through and you will be her star, like her Daddy in the sky. You are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Mary Kay bunch says:

    Oh my Amanda. Very sad. Thx God u r a very strong lady and u can do it.

  6. Anna Marie Sasso says:

    While I may be slightly older… our sons were 7 & 13 when we lost my husband their dad.. all of those feelings that you are feeling are very much the same for myself as well. Even today; seven years later. I don’t want to tell you it doesn’t get better… what I want to tell you is that what you’re feeling is “normal” if there’s such a thing…. that many of us feel the same way. This website and your words are helping many, many people. Keep doing what you are doing… I thank you for sharing!