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#OurTribe: Meet the Veach Family

Courtney (41) and Joe (39) Veach are the parents to three amazing children; Hailey (13), Tucker (7) and newly turned 4 year old, Lincoln. Plus, they’ve got a new baby due in just a few weeks!

Four days after celebrating Lincoln’s birthday, they noticed he wasn’t feeling well and took him to the doctor. Based on his bloodwork, they sent him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (Leukemia).

A Stressful Time

As the family seeks treatment for Lincoln, his mom is living at the hospital in Iowa City with him (far from home). Courtney says “We have 2 older children at home and currently my main communication with them is through FaceTime….It has added some additional stress to all of us. I feel torn that I am not able to be there for all of our children’s events like I have been in the past.”

Helping Hands

This pregnant mama has so much on her plate and is now unable to work while she cares for her sweet son. She says of her new role as caregiver, “It is a tough job on many different levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. It also makes you shift where your time is spent and how you spend that time. I have also learned that it is okay to ask for help from others, no one can do it alone.”

In addition to the help family and friends are providing, Cocktails & Chemo is providing a $2,000 grant to the Veach family to help cover costs associated with childcare as the family shuffles back and forth between home and hospital.

To help Cocktails & Chemo support families like this, make a donation here.


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