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#OurTribe: Meet the Amador Family

Sarah and Cesar Amador are the parents of three sweet kiddos; Maddox (10), Isaiah (7), and Maia (6). Sarah has prayed that their family would remain cancer-free after their son Maddox survived ALL Leukemia. Then, one day in December, Maia began complaining of a pain in her rib. Her parents figured that this lively little girl who was always performing gymnastics and dance routines just needed a little Tylenol to get through.

Maia Asks to Go to the Doctor

What six-year-old asks to go to the doctor? Maia Amador did, and her parents got her in that very day. After some x-rays and CT scans, the doctor told them they hadn’t remotely prepared. The doctor entered and shared the diagnosis. Sarah said, “Cesar yelled ‘Cancer?’ and I left the room”.

Treatment Begins

As you read this, Maia has just completed her third round of chemo to combat Ewing’s Sarcoma and tolerates it with some nausea but a brave attitude. During a dinner conversation with her cousins and brothers, Mom Sarah said Maia said this about her cancer;she doesn’t want to do it, but if she has to, she will.” The Amador crew clings to faith, family, and friends to help them endure the challenges before them. The team at Cocktails & Caregivers is in your corner, too!

In addition to the help family and friends provide, Cocktails & Caregivers is providing a $2,000 grant to the Amador family to help cover costs associated with childcare as they focus on caring for Maia.

#OurTribe April Recipient: Our Tribe grants are given to families monthly and focused on families who need help paying for or providing child care while someone in the home is sick or struggling. Our board and team interview each recipient. 

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