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Joe Clark inspired a movement to care for each other

Meet Nick & Andrea Pope and learn why they become monthly donors to the Cocktails & Caregivers Foundation.

“Joe Clark was a family friend of my husband’s growing up. My husband, Nick, comes from a family of three boys and a sister, all of which have said that Joe was like a brother throughout their childhood,” explained Andrea Pope.

“I only had the honor of meeting Joe once myself; I felt like I already knew him through Nick’s stories and following the Cocktails and Caregivers blog (then Cocktails & Chemo). Unfortunately, Nick and I have watched several family members and friends go through various illnesses and forms of cancer, including Nick’s mom. She is now fighting breast cancer for the second time,” she went on.

Meet the Pope family, Martini Club VIPs

“It is heartbreaking to watch someone you know and love go through an illness like cancer is an understatement. We support Cocktails & Caregivers in hopes it brings comfort and hopes to those going through their journey with a loved one, and we encourage those we know that our caregivers to reach out to C&C so their path doesn’t feel so alone.”

Nick and Andrea have followed the blog from the beginning and say it is a constant reminder that life is fragile and to live each day.

Andrea said, “Now that we are fortunate enough to be parents, we focus on that mission with our amazing little boy, to “Live loud, love deep and take lots of pictures.”

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