The “Mother of Surgeries”

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  1. Cindy Purdue says:

    I’m going to pray like crazy for Joe to feel at peace with whatever decision he makes. Sending positive thoughts and prayers and love your way…..xxxxxoooo

  2. Jennifer says:

    You are strong and he is strong, even if you don’t realize it. That combined strength will pull you through along with all of the prayers being said in your names. Take good care!

  3. Julie says:

    Lots and lots and lots of prayers coming your way.

  4. Karen Brewer says:

    I have witnessed outright, doctor can’t explain it, pure miracles with my husband Mike…keep it positive because God is in control…lean on Him! I love you guys

  5. Julie Duncan says:

    The love you have for each other is beautiful to see, and your fight and determination are an inspiration to us all. Just know that the world outside of the three of you is praying for you everyday. Prayers for strength, faith and understanding. Keep fighting, keep loving, and never lose hope.

  6. Sending you lots of hugs and positive thoughts. This can’t be easy and noone is in your shoes. You both are so strong and so incredible. We care about you, love you and are praying for you both. Just know we are all here for you if you need anything. Tons of love 🙂

  7. Anne downs forsythe says:

    I cannot even begin to understand all the emotions that both of you are going thru. It is a huge decision I pray daily for a miracle for Joe and a long happy life. I will continue to do so as I have seen miracles when least expected.

  8. Jaime Moran says:

    Prayers for you always!

  9. Ryann says:

    I swear I’ve read this 20 times today… I wish I could ease some of the pain and be there to give you a huge hug.

  10. jennifer tomaso says:

    It’s not selfish…it’s human. Sending you prayers, love, and hope. Every single day. xoxo

  11. Debbie Golabek says:

    Positve thoughts and prayers to Amanda and Joe for a successful surgery and a complication free recovery. Take one day at a time, don’t stress out over the small things. My son Derek Golabek a 2003 graduate of Glenbard North high school was diagnosed in 2007 with Stage 4 brain cancer and given 12-18 months. We were blessed with 48 additional months. Live your life together however long that may be, cherish each other and the upcoming arrival of your new baby,
    God Bless you!