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  1. Genie Kelly Baruh says:

    Praying for you, Joe without ceasing….

  2. Genie Kelly Baruh says:

    Praying for you and Joe without cease….

  3. Anne forsythe says:

    I will tell you, truthfully, honestly, cancer Sucks, for the patient, the family, the friends. Especially for the patient . There is no normal with cancer. Each days is different, good days, bad days, sad days, happy days, and reAlly really bad days that just suck. Emotions do t even ask how people get thru them. You two have each other, Mira, your family and friends, yet still is not enough. Know that all of us wish it was all good normal days for you. We pray for this, until then you have our love and support. Love Anne xo

  4. Judy Ales says:

    God be with you. You are so strong and so loving and you deserve to have a long happy marriage and you do not deserve to have to go through this.

  5. kjdelzell says:

    God Bless your family. Praying for Joe….

  6. Monica & Steve says:

    Joe and Amanda, thank you for keeping it real!

  7. Pam Fusina says:

    Thank you for having the words that so often escape me.. Bless your family and continued strength..

  8. Jeanne Milan says:

    I think of all of you everyday. Praying for God to give you strength every day.

  9. Jenni DeWitt says:

    Thanks for being honest. Sometimes it feels good to hear someone just say it honestly. Praying for you guys.

  10. Diana Jones says:

    Prayers for you, Joe, and that sweet baby girl.

  11. Catherine Gainey says:

    Amanda, I’m 31and my husband is 32, stage IV colon cancer, diagnosed last year. He’s had surgery to remove the tumor in his colon but liver and lung nodules are inoperable. He’s had 18 rounds of chemo- Xelox and Folfiri. I get this. We have two sons-4 and almost 2. This sucks. I hate for you guys and for us. You’re not alone in this….clearly, lots of love around you guys. I don’t have advice you haven’t heard but you will make the right decisions for your family and just live and love fully each day.

  12. Debbie Golabek says:

    As the mother who lost her 25 year old son to cancer, and also his “caregiver”, i truly feel your pain. Every night as i lay my head down on the pillow I pray for a miracle for your family.

  13. Amanda Zehner says:

    I just read your entire blog from the beginning. What amazing love and strength you two have for one another and Mira. My tears are for the pain and the joys you have shared with us. Thank you for sharing and my sincerest prayers to your family.

  14. Michelle Friedrich says:

    I just recently found your blog and read the whole thing. I can relate to so much that you have written and felt…but this one, really hits home. My husband has a brain tumor and we have been living with that for 5.5 years…surgeries, radiation. His first operation came just 2 months after we had our son and I wasn’t even 30 yet. So, I know…and I understand. All these words and phrases that you have to live with while friends are wondering what bar to go to and where to shop… I agree, living will is the worst question they can ask and something we have avoided as well. We make light of the situation as much as we can and keep that positive attitude and love our boy as much as we can. What we have learned, as I know you have too, is how to love completely and enjoy the little moments in life, how to make a date out of going to a bunch of doctor appointments. So, keep on enjoying life and loving your sweet daughter. We send prayers to your family.

  15. Dan Wallensack says:

    Dear Joe & Amandam I am a close friend of Bob Barton. We have been friends for many years. He first started to inform me about Joe`s dad some years ago, & I have kept up with you & your family ever since! One of the reasons Bob knew I would be interested & compassionet is because I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 2yrs old, 54yrs ago. I am currently in Haines City Fl at my parents recovering from my 2nd btk amputation. Amanda, I have seen you on channel 13 and have my prosthetics built at Hanger just down the street from the studio. I feel connected to both of you, and feel I can totally relate to what you say, why you say it & how you feel! Of course I realize NOBODY knows including me, exactly how you feel or how each step, good or bad is dealt with in your heads!! My home is in Il & I have been a Chicago sports fan all my life & was raised a cubs fan. The l”living will, drugs you take & hows your pain” story made me think I wish I was giving high fives to you! I`ll be following keep up & carry on cause being the oppisite way isn`t good for anyone & makes everyone “feel sorry” for you! URGH! How awful would that be!