Moms Love Hard

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  1. Stacy Anne says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! You three are amazing and I am so sad Joe, Mira & you are going through this. Thinking of you and wishing I could be as strong as you guys!

  2. Cass says:

    You are an amazing wife and Mom! I am not sure under the same circumstances if I could act and react the way you do. I know you are not looking for admiration but I wanted you to know that you are a wife and Mom to be admired. You did more today to bolster the word Mom than most of us do in our lifetime <3

  3. Sue Miller says:

    My heart hurts for you all.

  4. Marsha Latoria says:

    You learned a lifetime of lessons in that one moment…lessons that will carry you through many more Mothers Days. God bless your family. You are in my prayers.

  5. Dan Wallensack says:

    Dear Ananda, mothers day is every day! You are a great wonderful mother all the time not to b commended one day a year. I have a single mom friend who I tell these things to because it`s natural in tough situations which both of you have, to lose perspective of the impressive things you do automatically because you are a good mom. These things often go unnoticed! But I take it upon myself to notice these things and remind her and now you how great your daily accomplishments truely are!

  6. Pam Fusins says:

    In every post you somehow touch on a feeling I’ve felt on our battle with my husbands lymphoma. But, our children are raised and married with children of their own. As frustrated as I get, I’m so thankful we were able to do that. I pray for a miracle for you everyday, and my heart breaks that you’re faced with this challenge. God bless you and strengthen you.

  7. K. Earnest says:

    Amanda, you are one of the strongest Mom’s and Wives I know. Happy belated Mother’s Day! All my love & prayers to all of you. Mama E

  8. Happy Mother’s Day! What a lucky girl to learn strength from you. She will always know what an amazing woman her mother is.