The Cocktails & Chemo journey.

Our Journey

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  1. Marianne Dickey says:

    Oh my dear Amanda, you are so wise beyond your young years from all you and Joe experienced! You have taught me so much about “true and unconditional” love! The only thing I have it to compare to is my own children and how I would give my own life so that theirs could remain! I cannot imagine your pain and emptiness! You have Mira and she will be your everything! Embrace every moment, tears and all! When someone asks you what’s wrong you need not answer if you don’t want to! Or you can just say”it’s just memories of my dear late husband” and EVERYONE will understand and shut up!!!!! Live in YOUR moments, with Mira in the present and you my dear will be more than fine! You are a strong and brave survivor! Joe is so proud of you right now! You go girl!!!!!!!!

  2. dewittjenni says:

    Insightful words you give me as I lay down to sleep tonight. I know it’s weird, but I always wondered if our déjà vu moments are the times we are looking back over our life with God at the end. Since God lives outside of time it makes sense in my mind, but I suppose that doesn’t make it real. When you write about trying to believe this is your reality, trying to wrap your mind around it, I can relate to that. No one ever tells us how hard life can be, but that’s okay, because I wouldn’t have believed them anyway. I love the idea of Joe carefree and ten. Thanks for continuing to write.

  3. Cindy says:

    You will never be alone in this life. Joe is waiting, as he said he would, and he may be watching as well. No one really knows what heaven is like. We can only imagine in our hearts. I don’t think our brain could comprehend the magnitude of what God has designed for us for eternity. Hold on knowing that someday you and Mira will see your beloved Joe again. I pray that you know that Joe is happy and in a safe and wonderful place. A place where we all want to be with our loved ones, one day. It’s important that you continue your journey and that you too can look back and know that you had a wonderful life. You have inspired so many people with your writings, and we are all grateful to have that part of you in our lives.

  4. Hi Amanda… I always have to wait for tears to stop before I can reply…. Hang on to these beautiful, happy and yes the painful memories… They are all a part of the journey-to remember, the happy ones to get you through the difficult ones… May God continue to give you strength, to carry you through the most difficult days, and to take care of that beautiful baby you and Joe created, the most beautiful gift he could have ever given you. You are as always, such an inspiration to us all… <3 <3 to you, and Mira <3

  5. Karen Brewer says:

    As time past after Mike died three years ago, more and more I thought about the wonderful memories more than those last days. I always tell my three kids who were with him when he saw God, you are privileged to be there for that last moment but that is just one moment in all the memories. Soak in each day with Mira because that’s where Joes spirit lives on!

  6. Patti cowhey says:

    Beautiful memories Amanda. Hold them close. Prayers continue for you and Mira. Wishing you and Mira a happy, healthy 2015!

  7. Regina says:

    Amanda! Muah muah muah!

  8. kayte says:

    I just want to say I’ve read your story, I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve watched someone die for 8 months that refused to accept death. They told us coma would come. She spoke to us hours before she faded away. Her spirit, some days I think was a blessing, some days I just prayed for her to find peace and let go. In moments of delusion there were memories. Always memories. Death is a journey that some days i wished I didn’t have to be witness to, and other days was so grateful for the extra moments. I don’t have words to soothe you. Two years later and some days I stand in the middle of her living room and see her there and cry. But my thoughts have been with you. That’s all I can offer.

  9. EJ says:

    Dear Amanda, I’ve not written before but read and could relate to every post you and Joe made. My fiancé lost his dear son 2 years ago to cancer. He passed 18 days from the date he was diagnosed on Valentines Day. While others thought this was horrible as we would always remember the date (as if we’d forget) we thought it appropriate considering how loving he was. There are days we want to talk about it and other days not so much. Please know that time does help, we always feel Keith around us and that helps too.
    You do what feels right and don’t be concerned with what others think. My love and strength to you and Mira.