Mira's First Birthday!

A big slice of love

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  1. Ingenious idea on your part, what a beautiful day that must have been and I am SO glad Joe was there to watch it unfold <3

  2. Pam Fusina says:

    So beautiful. Wonderful memory.

  3. alyse says:

    Beautiful video…she will always know how much she was loved by her daddy thanks to you.

  4. Anne downs forsythe says:

    Amanda, she will always know Joe and his love for her, she is lucky to have you as a mommy.

  5. Ann says:

    When your husband leaned over and kissed Mira’s arm at 3:33 it made me cry. Your daughter is blessed that you documented so much of her first year so she will always know her daddy.

  6. Regina says:

    Amanda, thank you for sharing, you sweet woman! I adore you! Your strength, your passion, your love. ..my prayers are with you always!

  7. Louise says:

    Amanda, you are doing a super job. Mira will always remember her daddy! I loved watching her first birthday party. I look forward to seeing Mira grow up.

  8. Wendy T says:

    I’ve been drawn to your blog since I started reading. Tonight, it stood out when you mentioned Oct. 7 as being so significant, I got it… it was October 7 ten years earlier that I was told my precious 11 year old daughter Olivia wouldn’t make. She passed 42 days. If my memory serves me correctly, Joe passed 40 days later.

    Maybe I’ll think of Joe and Olivia playing princesses and fairies in the next life together. It brings an iota of comfort.


  9. Kelly says:

    Beautiful. You were so fortunate to experience love that many of us only dream of. Mira is such a lucky girl.