Finding Your Ministry in Your Misery

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  1. Kelly says:

    You have such a heart of gold. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Thank you for continuing to spread joy… thank you for sharing your story and using your story to help others. I know this purpose is not one you or anyone would ever wish for but Joe is spreading you out to those who need you.

  2. Joann Corazzelli says:

    This is so on point and perfectly worded. Only someone else who has felt your pain can understand. Your ministtry is your misery is exactly what it is. What else can we do after all the pain but something anything positive we can do w the hurt. Giving joy to someone else in our loved ones name is the greatest honor to the ones we have lost. To do anything else just walk away is pure selfishness. Thank you for all you do for cancer patients and families. Joe is so proud. I’m sure he would think you were the cutest nun in town if you are still thinking about it