The Pumpkin Patch

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  1. ashley says:

    This is so sweet and you’re so strong for making it there with Mira. My partner did not pass away but I’m going through a divorce and felt similar – awkward as the only mom there with her kids while families ran all around me, snapping their adorable family photos. My sister and nephew tagged along so I didn’t feel so bad. I tried to focus on my girls, though, and the fun they were having. Even though we don’t have a “family” photo at the pumpkin patch this year, I was able to get some snaps of the girls and they had a great time. It’s hard but you’re doing it mama! Mira is so lucky to have you! 🙂

  2. Lorna Donaldson says:

    Yes Amanda, it must be so very difficult to look back and see how frail Joe was getting this time last year….and how you didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch, but that photo just speaks volumes. No one but you can understand how hard it was for Joe to get to the porch but there he is, with his big smile, and wearing the silly owl hat! He was no doubt adamant that this family picture would make a lasting memory for you and Mira. And so it is, and forever will be.❤️❤️❤️