The Day I Died

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  1. Karen Ledet says:

    I have never met you but your writings hit home for me also. The registrar my best friend Nancy Barcelona at Glenbard North knew your husband . We laughed at cried together as we would read them. You are a compassionate young woman that has the world at her fingers, don’t let it slip away. God has a plan for you and your daughter. My friend Nancy got cancer in Juky of 2015 and died 7 weeks later. Her and your husband are are giving hi fives to each other and watching over us.

  2. Libbi Smith says:

    My sweetheart went to heaven in 2000….I was 32 with a 3 1/2 yr old daughter. I absolutely know about taking that last breath with him but I also know about taking my first breath in my new life as a widow and mother of a fatherless child….my new life has been very blessed and I have happiness again. I pray for you and your new life….even though it was not your choice….it can and will be happy and good again!

  3. Melissa Youngblood says:

    It’s not much, but sending prayers and a hug. Your words capture what most of us can not even begin to comprehend. Love and peace to you and that beautiful baby girl.

  4. Melodie Gill says:

    So true. You have found the words I could not come up with. You have put this nightmare into perspective. When Thomas and I died, 5 weeks after you and Joe died, I felt the same- like someone was in our bedroom moving a pice of luggage. His body really was a piece of luggage- where he kept his loving heart and beautiful mind and carried them around day to day. So now the suitcase is gone- remorphed into a charm around my neck, a tin can on our nightstand, a wooden box by his favourite chair. These are all just things that they, nor his body could contain the essence of his soul. Thank you for sharing your pain as you sort through your loss and learn how to flourish with Joe’s essence which will undoubtedly grow you into happiness one day.

  5. Wendy Davis says:

    Well babe you did it again. Your writings bring me to tears and put my life into perspective. I love you with all my heart and wish I could help ease your daily pain and heartbreak.
    Let’s make a date and get together soon! Your not far! !!! Reunion!!!
    Love you!!!!

  6. Robin Dent says:

    My husband passed away suddenly and I have never been able to explain that feeling when you had to walk away from him. I was not able to say goodbye due to his instant death but they did give myself and the family all the time we needed at the hospital. ……Perfectly said. You have the gift of writing and are helping so many others put that one foot in front of the other while finding your way through the grief. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was 29 years old when my husband died. I was left with a 3 year old and. 7 year old. That was In 1997. It will be 20 years in March. Let me tell you, the feelings and emotions you described have never left me! I’m still trying to find myself. That person I was died 20 years ago as well. But I’ve come to realize that I dedicated my life to raising my kids and neglected myself. They are now 23 and 27 and experiencing life. I feel as if my own life has slipped away….work and home is pretty much all that happens. I have renounced that it is now time for me. I want to do things for ME. But why do I feel so selfish? My advice to you is to try to push yourself to enjoy life with your daughter. Before you know it, 20 years will have flown by, and you will know NOTHING about yourself. Sadly, this is where I find myself now….feeling your pain.

  8. I love reading what’s in your heart. I’m not you and our situation is slightly different. I’m a man who’s raising my motherless 10 year old son. I no longer live, I just exist. I’m 57 and I’m a different place than you. I also moved back home to where I’m from the Boston area and I feel like we are where we belong. My wife’s sister has helped us immensely and she gives Bailey the nurturing only a female can give. I’ve admired you ever since the day I saw you gave up your career to be there for your husband. You are a gem and you have taught many of us about love & life. God bless you & your beautiful daughter.

  9. Eileen says:

    Beautiful. xoxo

  10. Susan says:

    Let’s make 2017 be the Year Of Amanda. At the end of this year, we will all celebrate your successes. Go Amanda!