Groundhog’s Day

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  1. Anne downs forsythe says:

    Amanda and Joe: you both will never have to worry about the people you are or will become. I don’t think you realize how amazing the both of you truly are. Your spirit is contagious, you both are an inspirAtion to others whether they are going thru something horrible or they look at their bad days, it makes all of us take a step back and say wow, look what they have been thru and are going thru, iif they can keep going day in and out, then you know what ?all the rest of us have it pretty good. It makes people step back and think about what reAlly is important in life: Love, Commitment,caring, family, friends, prayers and health. This rest is just stuff. We will continue to pray for you. Your little girls already knows she had two amazing parents who not only love her very much but each other, she can hear it and feel it. God bless you both, keep you safe, and give you strength. We love you and will continue to send good thought

  2. Cathi Evans says:

    #daddystrong + #mommystrong = #familystrong. Love you, I will be there soon stay strong.

  3. On the other side of this you will be even stronger than you already are. My prayers and thoughts are with you daily. That baby is going to have amazing parents that will be able to guide her through anything. I know in my heart that Joe will be there for every smile, laugh and tear. Love to you both.