What I’ve Learned About Love

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  1. LuAnn Christensen says:

    You have a beautiful soul Amanda. The depth of your understanding, your compassion, your humor, are so beyond your years. Most people I know are decades older than you and they don’t have the ability to see things as you do, and maybe they never will. It is a love story, it is heartbreaking, it is stuff lifetime movies are made of; it is, in itself, a blessing. Thank you for your transparency through all this, Joe’s and Your story have touched my life.

  2. Lisa Parr says:

    I have thought of you daily. Wondering, is today the day…. I continued my prayers guiding God’s will but even though I do not know you I felt a sense of ownership. Maybe it’s the mother in me, maybe it’s just because I deeply care. Either way, I’m walking this journey with you and wanting to take away your pain. All I can do us pray, and praying is what I will do until I no longer can. All my thoughts, prayers for you.
    Lisa Parr

  3. Amanda, I have never met you and likely never will, but I’m a lifelong RHS southsider who knows you through family and friends. I have been married for 35 years. I have been blessed with the kind of love that you describe from Day 1. I have not had to experience the heartache that you and Joe have been living through, but the depth from which you write is so beautiful. I wish EVERY marriage could be like yours (and mine). You have experienced TRUE, selfless love, and you’re right. It’s not about what you get, but the joy and fulfillment that you get when you give. You, Joe, and your daughter are included in our daily prayers. Think of how our Blessed Mother felt watching her Son prepare to die. Draw strength from her, offer up your suffering to God. May God bless all of you and give you the courage to face what is yet to come. And take solace in knowing that when Joe is finally with God there will be no more suffering, only eternal joy.

  4. Judy Smith says:

    Oh, Amanda, I know you have less time than ever to get these thoughts on the screen, but THANK YOU! You are such a gifted and talented writer. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And…..I WILL buy the book that I know you must write someday. Much love to all of you tonight.

  5. Toni Clark says:

    I really don’t know what to say and never comment on pages. My heart just aches for your family and I want to thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Dominique says:

    I hope you write a book! I enjoy ever post you write, even the ones that bring many tears to my eyes!

    My prayers are with you and joe

  7. Nancy Wood says:

    Amanda, though I don’t know you, you are an amazing woman and wife. I am sure Joe is thankful beyond words for what you have done for him but mostly, what you mean to him. God bless you and your family.

  8. I love you guys! I seriously do. Even though I’m reading this from a far and we haven’t seen each other in 3 years, I can’t help but get choked up reading your posts. You both are such dear people to me. I’m praying for you, Amanda and for you, Joe! I love your love for each other. This is the real stuff. Even though its difficult, you have found the beauty behind it all.

  9. Lisa Tyers says:

    Your love is a kind of love that many people don’t ever get to experience in their life time. Your love and compassion should be an inspiration to many. To learn to live life and love life to its fullest. Your story has touched my heart and has given me the hope that there are truly good people in this world. Prayers for you, your family, and friends during this journey.

  10. As always reading your post again with sad and happy tears flowing, and realizing that you and Joe DO have a REAL love and know what it is all about… I am amazed as always at your strength, and your pain, just know that whatever happens, in the end REAL love and knowing what matters is what it’s all about. Continued strength,prayers, and love to your family…. Your family has touched so many of us through this journey. <3 <3 <3

  11. Anna says:

    As hard as it is right now for you, you are so blessed to have experienced REAL LOVE. What a gift for you and Joe and dear little Mira to love and be loved as you have been….. Your story is heart-breaking and I and many, many others are praying for your family.

    Peace to you……

  12. Anne downs- forsythe says:

    Amanda, you are Joe are the definition of true and real love. I continue to pray for both of you. In our thoughts and hearts always xo

  13. Patty Glade says:

    Your words are amazing, your love is palpable. Thank you for sharing your heart

  14. Diane Stoffregen says:

    I have followed your blog because I too lost my love of over 32 years on September 26,2011 with the same cancer that your Joe has. I have shed many tears since then and your journey tells all of the world what it is really like to hold,to cry,to feed,to care for,to wish for an calming end for the man whose soul lies deep within your heart. May you be comforted every second of every day as you try to grasp the memories and cherish them. I got a pocket recorder and have George’s voice on it because I never want to forget what his voice sounds like as I grow older.

  15. Jirelia says:

    I knew about your story through a coworker, and I just read your blog for the first time.. What a blessing that love you guys have. How sad your words. I hope for a miracle for Joe, so this romance could last forever. God bless your family Amanda…

  16. Sharen Leigh Hickman says:

    Thanks for reminding us to make each week, day, hour, and second count. Praying for y’all…..

  17. Paige D. says:

    Amanda – I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I interned at WCIA one summer when you still worked there. First of all, thank you for all the guidance you passed on to me. I’m still in journalism and working in DC and it’s thanks to people like you who helped me get here.

    I stumbled across your blog today and I have been reading it “cover to cover”. Your journey is devastating, heart-wrenching and yet so moving. You are an inspiration. I recently got married, and nothing has made me look at my marriage like this has. I thought I couldn’t love him more, but your words and experiences have opened my eyes.

    Joe sounds like the most amazing man and absolutely perfect for you. He is kind and thoughtful. I am sure he has passed on these traits and more to your beautiful daughter. You are so very lucky to have such a great man.

    I say all this as my heart aches for you and what you have had to go through. Thanks so much for sharing, as I cannot even imagine how hard it is to put into words. I will pray for you, Joe and Mira and hope for peace and love in your life.

  18. Ami Z says:

    Amanda, can you feel us? We hold your words of love and suffering as we pray our energy eases your pain and sorrow so only the joy of having known the truest of love will fill you today and always.

  19. amber peters says:

    Tears and lessons about love!! True love!

  20. Kristen says:

    I lost my infant son nearly three years ago due to mistakes made during his birth by the hospital staff. I lost my dad that same year. Though our situations are very different, I understand deep, inexplicable pain. I questioned the Universe and the inequity of why things happen the way they do. I’m so sorry to hear what you and your husband are having to endure. It’s terrible and it’s not fair. Thank you for sharing your journey with so much candor. That’s not an easy thing to do, but I’m sure you are inspiring others to appreciate their loved ones even more and that’s a beautiful gift to give in the midst of your pain. Sending you and your family strength and love.

  21. Eddie Poirier says:

    You are lucky but Joe is blessed to have you. I read your story about when you stopped working to take care of him. I knew it was the right thing to do. God bless all of you.

  22. Amanda and Joe…most times I am a quiet reader of yours admiring you both always but today I read this article and it made me think how blessed you two are. I have shared the link here. http://familyshare.com/Marriage/the-most-overlooked-characteristic-of-who-you-want-to-marry

  23. Lisa says:

    Amanda & Joe.. So I have finally caught up on all the entries from your blog.. I’ve recently just heard about your story just by a simple common “like” on facebook, so I “liked” you on facebook & read your blog. I have never met you before but I feel like I know you both.. Your story has had me reading whenever I got the chance, on my way to work on the train, at lunch, and before I went to sleep. I am a fellow Chicago sports nut (not so much for the Bears) but for sure the Hawks. I just wanted to let you know that the both of you are lucky to have each other. Your story has touched my life-living it to the fullest, your an inspiration & Joe-you are a warrior.. I hope you both find peace in the days to come.. I think of you both often & would like to help in any which way I can. I wasn’t sure if you still took donations or needed anything for that beautiful daughter of yours, so I pray each night for the both of you & your families. I send you love & strength & peace. God bless all of you.. Go BlackHawks!!

  24. Your blog is simply amazing, your real love is so magical and inspiring, praying for a miracle for your family